Archive for 18 June 2011

The importance of spelling and grammar to create a professional appearance

Many people will form an impression of your company based on your web site. If your organization is an online business, this is the only impression you can offer. Consequently, it is extremely important to create a positive impression by focusing on correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization. A friend of mine was a QA lead [...]

Configure WiQuery to not import JQuery automatically

I’ve been working on a Wicket project that requires JQuery to be present on every single page rendered by Wicket. I do this by including a reference to JQuery from my base page. However, when I add a wiquery component to a subclass of my base page, it automatically inserts a reference to JQuery as [...]

How to configure your WordPress title to place the title of your article before your blog’s name

Many WordPress themes default to rendering your blog’s name first and the title of your blog or article last. For example, the title displayed on this blog defaults to the following: Pushing Inertia » Blog Article Title This results in every single page title showing static content first (your blog’s name) followed by title of [...]