Archive for 28 September 2014

Install python MySQLdb module

MacOS This Stack Overflow article perfectly documents the necessary steps and works with python 2.7. I have also saved these instructions in PDF format.

MacOS Command Prompt and vi Customizations

This is my custom command prompt configuration. Command Line First, install the far better iTerm. Now edit /etc/profile and add the following. This can alternately be added to ~/.profile to make the change local only to the current user. # add vi to the command line for previous command lookups set -o vi # remove [...]

MacOS Keyboard Shortcut Customizations

Custom keyboard shortcuts that I find useful. Maximize Windows Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. To maximize the currently focused window, add the following. Menu Title: Zoom Keyboard Shortcut: Control + Option + ⌘ + M Tab It’s also useful to be able to tab through the buttons in dialogs (e.g., [...]

An efficient typeahead/autocomplete data structure and algorithm

I’ve been wanting to implement a typeahead lookup for universities and thought it would be an interesting weekend project to write an efficient typeahead lookup dictionary structure. It turns out that quite a lot of thought needs to be put into this in order for it to work efficiently. Initial Considerations I looked at quite [...]