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Apple Store’s usability is great, but…

I’ve been eyeing a new MacBook Pro for a while and decided to pull the trigger during Apple’s Black Friday promotion. Since I wanted some custom upgrades, I bought it on Apple’s online store instead of at an Apple Store. Apple’s done a great job with their site’s usability, but I found a few things [...]

The importance of spelling and grammar to create a professional appearance

Many people will form an impression of your company based on your web site. If your organization is an online business, this is the only impression you can offer. Consequently, it is extremely important to create a positive impression by focusing on correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization. A friend of mine was a QA lead [...]

How to configure your WordPress title to place the title of your article before your blog’s name

Many WordPress themes default to rendering your blog’s name first and the title of your blog or article last. For example, the title displayed on this blog defaults to the following: Pushing Inertia » Blog Article Title This results in every single page title showing static content first (your blog’s name) followed by title of [...]

Usability guidelines for entering credit card numbers on a payment page

As more people with very little computer experience start shopping online, usability on an online retailer’s checkout page is becoming even more important. One common problem that impacts the user experience is a very rigid credit card input that does not permit users to enter spaces or hyphens. Consider the following two ways to enter [...]